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Swedish Pomological Science Center ----Stenestad Park


The association for Swedish Pomological Science Center was initiated in 2003 with the

Aim to develop a centre of knowledge in pomology at Stubbaröd’s farm in Scania, southern Sweden. The farm is pastorally situated on the slope of Söderåsen, a rock horst formed some 150 million years ago. The landscape is characterized by beech woods and small farms, where soft-fruit once was frequently grown. The centre wants to reintroduce berry production in the area and elsewhere through introduction of superior varieties which can be locally grown, consumed and processed. Pomological information will be presented through courses, exhibitions and guided field-tours. The fields, which are now being established, will contain test and demonstration plots. The assortment will include both old varieties traditionally grown in Scandinavia, and new imported varieties never before tested in the region. An important support for the activities is a well-established network co-operation with breeders in the entire temperate zone, which provides access to unique plant material. This material will also form the base for research and development. The overall goal of the centre is to promote usage of fruit and berry genetic resources and to inform about their domestication, history of cultivation, unique tastes, salutary properties and ornamental values. All kind of visitors are welcomed – farmers looking for alternative crops, home-gardeners, pomologists, scientists, school-classes, students etc. Special emphasis will be on making the centre attractive to young people and available for disabled persons of all ages. The association is supported by the local municipality of Svalöv, the regional government of Scania and an international network. 



Today public interest in pomology - theory and practice of fruit and berry cultivation - is increasing in Sweden as well as in neighbouring countries. Swedish Pomological Science Centre wants to be a forum, where amateur and professional growers can meet and learn more about modern and old fruit varieties, their cultivation, usages and salutary properties. The aim is to create a pomological centre for visitors and for development of knowledge - a centre of inspiration for everybody looking for new ideas in harmony with nature. The farm Stubbaröd, pastorally situated near the small village of Stenestad, will be the basement of the activities. The farm has been run by the Trajkovski family since 1981, when improvements in the garden started resulting in a rhododendron park, unique tree plantations and flower meadows. Those outdoor plantings, together with the old country garden, form a suitable back ground for the pomological centre, and will be even further improved to give the visitors a complete experience of beauty, form, colour, flavours and scent within the biological diversity.



The majority of pomological species have potential for production of health promoting products for fresh market and raw material suitable for the development of functional food, natural food components, herbal medicine and cosmetics. The goal of the centre is to assist growers by recommending new cultivation alternatives adapted to the Nordic-Baltic region. The research and development work will mainly focus on selection and breeding of superior varieties with high content of bioactive compounds. 


An important support in these activities is our network collaboration with plant breeders in the entire northern temperate zone, which provides access to unique varieties. Promising varieties will be planted in special test- and demonstration fields at the centre, and subjected to continual evaluation. The evaluation results will form a sound base for recommendations to professional growers and entrepreneurs, who want to develop new products based on nature’s own pantry, as well as to home gardeners looking for new tasteful and health promoting varieties. The establishment of the centre’s experimental fields started in 2003 and will continue during the coming years.  


Besides modern varieties the centre will also keep an assortment of ancient fruit and berry cultivars. The orchards will be presented to visitors trough guided tours. Additionally, the rich spectrum of fruits and berries produced will be harvested and exhibited according to season, i.e. there will be strawberry variety exhibitions in July, apple variety exhibitions in September etc. It will also be possible to enjoy fruity delicacies, fresh or prepared, in the cafeteria belonging to the centre. In addition permanent and temporary indoor exhibitions with different pomological themes will be displayed. Furthermore, the centre will contain a pomological library, seminar rooms and outdoor laboratories for courses and individual studies. Target groups for those activities are commercial growers, pomologists, visiting scientists, teachers, pupils, students and hobbyists as well as keepers of restaurants and other entrepreneurs.


The research and development work of the newly established centre will focus along the following lines:

  • Test- and demonstration fields and outdoor laboratories.


  • Selection and breeding of superior varieties with high content of bioactive compounds.


  • Introduction of new fruit, berry and nut varieties with added value.


  • Collaboration with plant breeders in the entire northern temperate zone.


  • Co-operation with Madalenes Grönska for development of health promoting products from fruit and berries tested and selected at the centre.


  • Evaluation in the fields of ancient fruit and berry cultivars traditionally grown in

Sweden. Investigation is performed in co-operation with POM (Programme for Diversity of Cultivated Plants) Alnarp. The best cultivars obtained from the evaluation work are propagated and planted in the national gene bank for vegetably propagated plants at Alnarp.







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